White and Samara rocks

Croatia is full of natural beauty, and one of the most impressive landscapes, where nature has created truly incredible shapes, is certainly the Bijele and Samara rocks. Along with Hajdučke and Rožanska kukov on Velebit, Bijele and Samarska rocks are the only ones with the status of a strict nature reserve, which is the strictest form of nature protection. They are located in the central part of Velika Kapela, and stretch through two counties - Karlovačka and Primorsko-goranska. If you like hiking and have at least a little adventurous spirit, a trip to the Bijele and Samara rocks will delight you. The ascent is relatively demanding, but it definitely represents the most attractive hiking path you will cross because nature has formed incredible karst shapes in the white stone here that leave you breathless. You will often descend and climb rocks, and in some parts the path is secured with pegs and cables. However, there are not many such parts and if you are in good shape and with a little caution and dexterity, you will overcome the whole path without any problem.

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