Risnjak National Park

National Park Risnjak represents all the natural beauty of Gorski kotar. Unique for its natural beauty, biodiversity and location, Risnjak attracts many nature lovers year after year. This wooded mountain range is named after the lynx, its most popular resident, and is one of the few places in Europe where you can still see it in its natural habitat. In its forests, in addition to the lynx, two other large European beasts, the bear and the wolf, have found their home, as well as numerous plant species, among which the rare and protected flower - eelgrass stands out.

Vrh Risnjak is impressive in every season: in winter when it is covered with snow, in spring when the meadows around it turn into flower beds, in summer when it offers a break from the summer heat in the nearby coast and in autumn when the leaves of its forest turn different colors. When visiting Risnjak, you will also enjoy the magnificent vistas that stretch out towards the islands of the Kvarner Bay and towards the mountains in neighboring Slovenia all the way to the Alps. The ticket price for adults is 10 euros and is valid for 2 days.

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