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Enthusiasts of active holidays can enjoy cross-country skiing, sledding, cycling, horseback riding, wildlife watching, and speleology... If that's not enough, we recommend trips to the Risnjak National Park or to the source of the Kupa River. Visit Milanov Vrh where you can see deers in natural environment.

National Park Risnjak

National Park Risnjak, located in Gorski Kotar, was established in 1953 on an area of 3041 hectares. Risnjak mountain range, with the whiteness of its rocks, rises dominantly above the greenery of the Gorski Kotar forests. The beautiful views of Risnjak and Snježnik, which stretch from 1528 meters above sea level to the Kvarner Bay, Istria, and the Julian Alps, will remain in the memory of every visitor. In 1997, the park's area was increased to 6400 hectares, and today the source of the Kupa River is located within the park.

River Kupa and Čabranka

The source of the Kupa River, one of the many still unsolved mysteries of karst, is one of the strongest, widest, and deepest Croatian spring. At 313 meters above sea level, the water mass has formed a small lake of turquoise colour, 200 meters long and an average width of about 30 meters. Access to this location is provided by an attractive path from the villages of Razloge or Kupari, where the path is slightly longer but climbs upstream parallel to the river's flow. The upper reaches of the Kupa River, partially located within the boundaries of the National Park Risnjak, are called the "miraculous valley of butterflies" due to the extraordinary richness, especially of diurnal butterflies found in this area. River Čabranka is a mountain rapid tributary of the Kupa River. It is attractive from the very mountain spring through numerous waterfalls and rapids to its confluence with the Kupa River.

Križna Cave

Just 20 minutes drive from Kozji Vrh, above the village of Lož (Slovenia), there is the world-famous karst cave - Križna Cave. Its special features are underground lakes with sinter dams and paleontological site with cave bear bones. An unforgettable adventure is a ride with a mini-raft on the underground lakes.

Milanov Vrh

If you want to enjoy a walk and picking forest fruits, head to Milanov Vrh (1011 m), just 5 km from the vacation house. The trip will provide children with a unique opportunity to see deer or roe deer in their natural habitat. An asphalt road leads to Milanov Vrh, and there are many cycling and hiking trails in the area.
Cycling numerous marked hiking and biking trails lead visitors to all natural and cultural landmarks. Short or full-day trips are possible with mountain bikes. From Kozji Vrh, you can cycle all the way to Lividraga (35 km), or descend into the Kupa Valley, all the way to the source of the Kupa. We also offer bicycle rental by prior arrangement.

Photo hunting

We can organize an unforgettable adventure in our forests. We offer wildlife observation throughout the year, and an experienced guide can enable you to see animals in their natural habitat. In the habitat of large beasts (bears, wolves, and lynxes), you can capture the moment with your camera that you will remember for a long time.

Hunting, Fishing

Čabar could be called an oasis of hunting and fishing. In the Čabar area, there are two hunting grounds, Crna Gora and Kupički Vrh. The forests are inhabited by bears, deer, roe deer, wild boars, and hares. Anglers can try fly fishing in the rich waters of the Kupa and Čabranka rivers. The fishing area starts about 2 km downstream from the source of the river, in the area from Srednji Kupari to the mouth of the Čabranka into the Kupa.

Horseback Riding

Just 5 km from our house is the "Magušar" ranch, a true paradise for horse and nature lovers. Riding lessons are conducted under the guidance of a licensed riding instructor. In addition to beginner riding lessons, there is also the possibility of recreational trail riding.


Forests, mountains, and rivers are the main features of Gorski Kotar, the greenest part of Croatia. You will enjoy all of this while rafting on the clear and green Kupa River. The Kupa River flows from the National Park Risnjak and passes through forest-covered mountain slopes and rich valleys. Rafting and canoe trips are suitable for all ages.

Sledding, Cross-Country Skiing

Sledding and cross-country skiing trails are just 5 km from our house. Learn to cross-country ski and engage in the most beneficial sport in the world. Cross-country skiing (nordic skiing or cross-country skiing) is considered the most efficient and healthiest form of sports recreation today and is also the most demanding aerobic activity that burns the most calories. It is a sport and recreational discipline in which the body most naturally endures the exertion of physical activity.
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